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Magicbox The Imp: Internet radio for your garage

Time 13 years ago

reciva_magicbox_imp_wi_fi_internet_radio1-400-400If you’re anything like me, you probably spend a lot of time in the garage tinkering. But spending a Saturday afternoon pottering amongst your pliers as you fettle your motor isn’t much fun without some music.

I’ve just replaced my trusty old wind-up radio for this technology-packed music box – and love it!

If you’re into listening to music on the internet, The Imp lets you tune into thousands of online radio stations from around the world. It’s surprisingly simply to set up.

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You need a WiFi network to use it in the garage, but as long as the signal from your router is strong enough it’ll work fine. This test unit picks up a signal through three walls perfectly.

And don’t worry if your network is locked (which it should be), as the first time your connect you punch in the password using the spinning dial control and it remembers it for next time. It even stores it when the unit is unplugged.

You can search for stations by country, genre of station name, and then store your favourites on one of 10 pre-sets. The sound isn’t the best quality, but the choice is unrivalled.

And it’s not just radio either – The Imp can be used to stream digital music files from your home network. It’s even compatible with Macs and iTunes. It has a clock alarm function, headphone socket, and smart back-lit display.

Price: £89.99


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