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CAR-SEARCH network has revealed its top tips for dealers looking to make the most of their online presence.

The guide provides a behind-the-scenes view on how to capitalise on car-search networks, as well as hints on converting online visits to real-world purchasing.

An extract from the infographic

An extract from the infographic

The infographic, based on research in the UK and USA, focuses on four key areas: the aggregation of marginal gains; understanding what matters in an era of attention deficit; the importance of images and descriptions, and the opportunities presented by new conversion-rate optimisation technologies.

The latest issue of Car Dealer Magazine is out now!’s director of marketing and business intelligence, Dermot Kelleher, pictured above, said: “The way in which consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically over the past five years and it is vital that businesses alter their mind-set to respond. Our quick guide shows how dealers can maximise their return on investment from websites such as and also increase engagement and repeat visits on their own site by gaining a better understanding of the customer journey.

‘Of course, despite how much you invest in clever technologies, the success of a transaction ultimately rests in the responsiveness of the dealer to any inquiry.

‘In a recent survey of site visitors, 36 per cent said they would expect a reply from an email to a dealer within 24 hours. A further 33 per cent would expect a reply within four hours and a staggering 27 per cent would want a response within 60 minutes. Speed is certainly key to success.’

An extract from the infographic is shown above. Click here for more.

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