Pensioners show it’s never too late to change as they buy first EV from Snows Motor Group

  • Meet the 
retired couple who will never go back to petrol power
  • Dave Gardner and wife Sally are the proud owners of a new Cupra Born
  • 75-year-olds bought the new car from Snows Motor Group in Portsmouth

Time 7:30 am, May 12, 2024

A pensioner has proved that it’s never too late to go electric after switching to an EV for the first time with the help of Snows Motor Group.

Portsmouth motorist Dave Gardner has certainly seen some changes in his time behind the wheel but this could just be the biggest of the lot.

The 75-year-old bought his first car – a 1954 Austin A30 – at the age of 17 in 1966 and has owned 25 different models over the decades since.

He is now the proud owner of an all-electric Cupra Born, bought from the Seat and Cupra dealership run by Snows in Portsmouth.

Dave and his wife Sally, also 75, have enthusiastically embraced the world of electric motoring and say there’s no going back to petrol- or diesel-powered alternatives.

The couple say they are loving life with their new Cupra and find it meets their needs perfectly.

For Dave, a retired technical civil servant and self-confessed petrol-head, it is a surprising outcome and he now says the Born is the best car he’s ever owned.

Asked if they found the switch to electric motoring tricky in any way, Dave admitted that it can seem a little daunting at first.

However, he added: ‘’It is important not to be put off by people who might be a bit sceptical. Infrastructure is a big talking point but the number of charging points is increasing all the time.

‘The benefits to the environment of electric motoring are not to be underestimated, especially in a densely populated city like Portsmouth.

‘Also, electric cars are incredibly enjoyable to drive. They’re very nippy with the instant torque they deliver.

‘The Cupra Born is a brilliant car – I cannot fault it. It’s ideal for what we need. It’s big enough, it’s got a fair range and as I say, it’s very nippy – everything we want, really.

‘The fact that it’s a Cupra gives it an air of exclusivity too.’

Sally, a retired school office worker, is also a fan – especially of the heated seats! Although not a driver herself, she has been fully involved in Dave’s automotive choices over the years, which have included several hobby cars.

The sale was overseen by Cupra specialist Peter Owens, who is also a firm friend of the couple.

He added: ‘Electric motoring is here to stay and Cupra are demonstrating that EVs can be sporty and stylish.

‘It’s wonderful that Dave and Sally have embraced it in such a wholehearted way and we wish them many more years of happy motoring with us.’

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