Quadrillions of Caterham combinations on offer as configurator launched

Time 2 years ago

CATERHAM has launched its first in-store car configurator to give customers a close-up, high-definition look at their future Seven – with quadrillions of combinations possible.

The new tool boasts 58,338,005,483,520,000 permutations – the highest number of options available on any configurator in the market, according to Caterham.

Built in partnership with Renderapp, the new dealership tool is capable of displaying the customised vehicles in high-quality 4K detail for demonstrating features such as metal flakes in the paintwork, a choice of leather finishes and close-up pinstripes.


The configurator is already live on Caterham’s website but customers can now step into a retail environment and experience the tool then immediately browse for their new Seven.

Using a wireless tablet, they can turn the car freely and zoom in on specific elements. The configurator pays such close attention to detail that ripples in the hand-made bonnet, along with the textured plastic on the indicator pods and the carbon-fibre weave on the dashboard, can be seen clearly.

To achieve such a high level of detail, each vehicle in the Caterham line up – along with every available option, paint finish and component – was scanned by Renderapp.

Olympic champion cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, who was one of the first people to try out the configurator, said: ‘I was blown away by the technology. When you’re spending a lot of money on a brand-new car, the configurator gives you the confidence to push the button and order the car with confidence. If someone was considering buying a Caterham, I would 100 per cent encourage them to come into the showroom to make use of the big screen.’

Marcus Randall, head of marketing at Caterham, said: ‘It’s unlikely you’ll ever see two identical Sevens, and our new configurator demonstrates exactly why that is. Purchasing a Seven is a unique experience, and we want to give people the opportunity to create their perfect car.’

Renderapp co-founder Will Elliott said: ‘We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Caterham team and believe we have delivered a world first with the number of options available within this configurator.’

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