Reassuring customers all is safe is vital to getting car dealerships firing again

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Reassuring customers is a vital part of getting car dealerships back up to speed as fears of leaving the house are still rife among the public.

As car dealerships get back to work this week after reopening on Monday, many have introduced wide ranging health and safety protocols to help customers feel safe.

From screens between staff and customers at sales and service desks, to dedicated walkways and hand sanitising stations, car dealerships have put in place a variety of Covid-19 Secure systems.

Karen Hilton, chief commercial officer of Heycar, told Car Dealer Magazine she believes this is vital to car dealers’ success. 

She said: ‘The single most important word to remember is reassurance. The public are going to feel worried and concerned about being back in environments that were closed in lockdown.

‘Dealers can help here by making sure all their staff are fully briefed on the Covid measures that are in place and doing everything they can to reassure everyone who walks through the doors that this is a safe place to come, to browse and to buy.

‘Go above and beyond to reassure the public that showrooms are safe – you can do that with clear signage, floor markings, hand sanitiser and knowledgeable, friendly staff.’

Car dealers have reported varying degrees of adherence by customers to the new Covid-19 Secure guidelines.

Adam Turner, of Chorley Group, told Car Dealer Live yesterday that some customers were actually too relaxed when it came to visiting his dealers. 

While Jon Head and Jamie Crowther of Marshall Motor Group told Car Dealer Live today that customers in the group’s showrooms were generally sticking to the rules.

Hilton said she had noticed customers were getting varying levels of service.

She said: ‘From being out and about in dealerships this week, it seems that the public are getting, at best, a mixed experience so far. Please don’t act like nothing’s changed, or be too overzealous with customers either. 

‘Staff are the best tools that dealerships have to build confidence in the industry back up again. Their tone and manner in allaying any fears that are out there from lockdown will be key to a dealership’s ability to bounce back. 

‘Work with them on their knowledge of the changes that have been put in place and how they communicate that to customers. 

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‘That communication starts before people walk into a showroom. Customers can be given video tours of their chosen cars or phone calls to talk through what the showroom experience will be. That way, those people who do walk into the dealership are fully engaged customers.’

Adam Turner Car Dealer Live interview

Marshall directors Car Dealer Live interview

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