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Redline Specialist Cars reveals tips for success in Motorway’s latest podcast: Elephant In The Showroom

Sponsored: Motorway sales director James Bush tells how the UK’s largest independent supercar and prestige performance car specialist can help YOUR dealership

Time 8:55 am, July 12, 2022

With more than 5,000 dealers on the Motorway platform, we’re in a great position to really get under the bonnet of not just what dealers want, but also how they’ve grown their business and their predictions about where the market is going.

Through our podcast, Elephant in the Showroom, launched last year, we are delighted to be able to bring some of this insight to a wider audience – providing tips on how to secure the best cars for the best price, and offering a fresh perspective on wider issues that impact on the car industry in general.

In our latest episode, Motorway presenters Theo Reeves, Eoghan Barry and Phil McGrath are joined by John Graeme at Redline Specialist Cars, who shares the fascinating story behind Redline and insights into the world of supercar dealerships.

Based in Yorkshire, Redline is the UK’s largest independent supercar and prestige performance car specialist.

It has gone from selling hot hatches in the 1990s to now stocking and selling in the region of 2,000 supercars a year for up to £1m each.

In this specialist dealer episode, John reveals how the pre-internet era honed his customer service skills, and how transitioning from a 25-car forecourt to a 100-car one in the early 2000s was very much like moving from a Conference North team to the Premiership.

He discusses how Redline adapted to the digital transformation of the car sector and in what ways it has impacted on its approach to sourcing cars.

John provides his unique perspective on the state of the upper end of the market, and what he expects to see pricing- and demand-wise for the rest of 2022, as well as his thoughts on how the industry will develop over the next few years.

He also imparts invaluable advice for dealers who are relatively new to the industry on how to expand their business.

If you’d like to hear more about this – as well as find out how long on average it takes Redline to sell a car, how it approaches pricing, red flags to look out for when purchasing a vintage car or supercar and the most in-demand super-vehicles at the moment – the episode is available to download now via Apple Podcasts and all the major podcast streaming services.

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