SPONSORED: Introducing the Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee

Time 9:00 am, October 22, 2018


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, we recognise the increasing importance of customer loyalty for franchised car dealers.

That’s why we are delighted to introduce our exciting new Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee – specifically designed to help car dealers successfully enhance their customer retention.

The Mobil 1 Engine Guarantee covers the lubricant and the critical engine parts lubricated by it. The vehicle doesn’t need to have used Mobil 1™ since new.

The offer

Once a manufacturer’s warranty period has ended on a customer’s car, ExxonMobil will guarantee it – at no extra cost for the customer or car dealer – against damage resulting from a lubrication fault for another five years, or 100,000 miles, whichever is sooner from the commencement of the warranty. To benefit from the Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee customers need not have used Mobil 1™ lubricants previously.

The Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee is primarily designed to give franchised car dealers an offer to make to their customers as an incentive to continue to return to the dealership for servicing and also to upgrade to Mobil 1™ engine oils.

The dealership will service the engine with Mobil 1™ before the end of the OEM warranty period or at first service post-warranty, protecting the customer against costly repairs if caused by Mobil 1™ and giving the customer up to five more years of security.


To help support the way franchised car dealers promote the Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee to their customers, ExxonMobil have created a suite of online and in-dealership marketing assets.


How much does the Mobil 1™ Engine Guarantee cost for the customer or car dealer?
Nothing at all. We’re so confident that Mobil 1™ is the best way to keep customers’ engines in good working order that if problems do arise that are caused by a lubrication fault, we’ll repair them for free.

How does the customer get this offer?
All the customer needs to do is upgrade to Mobil 1™ engine oil. The vehicle doesn’t need to have used Mobil 1™ since new, but the engine must be in good condition and have been properly maintained up to that point with approved parts.

To continue to enjoy this guarantee, services must take place with the correct grade of Mobil 1™ and in line with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommended intervals.

How can a car dealer be a part of this programme?
Make a contact with an ExxonMobil representative to learn more!

Does it matter what car the customer has?
As long as there is a grade of Mobil 1™ lubricant suitable for the car then the customer can enjoy this guarantee.

Is the guarantee only applicable for Mobil 1™ products?

Contact: ExxonMobil Automotive Lubricants, 0800 0857 420


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