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Suzuki boss Dale Wyatt reveals top tips for customer satisfaction and why he’s happy to let dealers be the bigger brand

Sponsored: Symco boss Simon Bowkett interviews Dale Wyatt about the steps Suzuki GB takes to keep customers happy, why he’s only worried about being a perfect fit for two per cent of the market, and how salespeople need to think of all the other people in the supply chain.

Time 9:49 am, May 31, 2023

Suzuki GB continues to shine in the customer satisfaction rankings and Simon Bowkett of the Selling in the Motor Trade podcast has interviewed the boss of the brand, Dale Wyatt, about what has made them so successful.

During the show, which you can listen to now here, he explained how they achieve this and the steps Suzuki asks each of their salespeople to make with each customer. 

He not only talked about the things he thinks dealers should do, but the things they’ve learnt not to do.

However, Wyatt is passionate about letting car dealers run their own businesses because he believes they know how to manage them best. He’s known for his strong opinions when it comes to how car manufacturers and dealers should work together, and has spoken out about agency sales several times including at Car Dealer Live.

Speaking on the podcast he said: ‘We spend a lot of time talking about roles and responsibilities and making sure that we don’t duplicate, don’t overlap and we allow the dealers to create their own brand and their own territory that amplifies sales.

‘I think a lot of other manufacturers want to suppress the brand, and often in rural communities, the dealer brand is as big or not bigger than our brand.’

Symco MD Simon Bowkett said: ‘I’m just thinking of people like Robin Luscombe – one of our clients and someone who has been on the podcast as well – and he really is proud to be different.

‘We won’t sell you a car, we’ll help you buy one is his slogan all of the time – and he definitely does it.’

On the Selling in the Motor Trade Podcast, the pair discussed how Suzuki has managed to reframe some elements that were leaving customers dissatisfied too. 

Wyatt explained that they had reframed customer expectations around full valets, instead guaranteeing a wash and vac, and courtesy cars, instead promising alternative transport. This meant they could more easily meet these expectations.

However, he explained to Bowkett that actually he’s happy to worry about keeping their two per cent market share happy and be the wrong fit for 98 per cent of people. 

‘We’re a two per cent share brand so we can afford to be not for 98 per cent of the population providing we’ve got two per cent who are raving fans,’ said Wyatt.

‘Being clear about what you are rather than what you’re not was an interesting piece for us.’ 

Bowkett commented: ‘That’s brave isn’t it, thinking about it that way? I think you’re right but it’s brave!’

I think what it does is allow us to think in a really focussed way and gives us confidence not to follow the crowd. 

He added: ‘We want them to achieve their territory, potential, look after their customers and make money, they can do that, why am I gonna micromanage them?

‘That’s the experience I want them to deliver.’

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