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The way your customers buy their cars has changed – Is your marketing up to speed?

Sponsored: MB Advertising & Marketing explains how it can help dealerships truly engage with customers to sell more vehicles

Time 7:04 am, April 26, 2022

Consumers search, browse, and even buy online because it’s convenient, saves them time and suits their lifestyles.

They choose convenience, seek quality information at their fingertips, engage with marketing that stands out and meets their search criteria quickly, seamlessly and in their local area, with just a few clicks made from their mobile phones.

MB Advertising & Marketing can help you to attract, engage and convert new customers across all channels and this is how it will make your dealership more successful:

Strategy first. It starts with a plan

Defining your marketing objectives upfront, your offers and USPs will allow MB’s team to determine how to best engage with your customers quickly, accurately and most cost-effectively using a multichannel approach.

Creativity that cuts through the competitive marketplace

MB knows that using the latest animation to make your offers stand out and engage with your customers with an uplift of 27 per cent will make a visual and emotional impact with your customers who are browsing their newsfeeds or shopping online for their next car.

Integrated campaigns to achieve your objectives quickly and effectively

Now’s the time to truly engage with your customers who are looking to buy their next car, right now before online retailers get there first!

Digital campaigns that entice and engage, improve the visibility of your dealership, strengthen your brand and drive them through your website or showroom is what MB is skilled at.

Inbound marketing campaigns to build brand awareness and capture in-market customers

Your customers want to find your dealership easily and conveniently.

Every click is an important part of their car-buying journey with you, from their very first browse through to the purchase!

MB can build awareness with in-market customers cost-effectively and help you to sell more cars.

Relevant and timely communications throughout your customers’ car-buying journeys.

Don’t miss out on new sales.

Make your customers feel special at every touchpoint, by communicating relevant, informative and insightful communications throughout all stages of their car-buying life cycles to build long-term loyalty with you.

100 per cent transparency with measurement and analysis

Using bespoke in-house software for your car showroom events, eCRM journeys, SMS campaigns and email campaigns gives greater control to track your key performance metrics and to report your unique data in a way that you will understand.

Partner with MB for better marketing results

As a full-service marketing agency for the automotive industry, MB has partnered with top dealer groups, independent dealerships, prestige franchises and car supermarkets for over 30 years to sell more cars, bikes, vans, trucks, caravans and even boats.

Why settle for anything less than award-winning innovation? Make a positive change and partner with MB for better results.

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