Highly Commended winner Emerald House of CarsHighly Commended winner Emerald House of Cars

Used Car Awards

Used Car Dealership (51 – 100 Cars), sponsored by Black Horse, Highly commended: Emerald House of Cars

Time 6:57 pm, February 5, 2021

Emerald House of Cars has revolutionised its dealership since the start of the pandemic, but by going more online it hasn’t lost the charm you’d expect from them. 

Owner Peter Quinn explained that the shutdown periods have given them opportunities to improve the business that they might not otherwise have had.

It picked up a highly commended prize for Used Car Dealership of the Year in the 51 – 100 Cars category.

Quinn told Car Dealer: ‘You’d always want to win, but to even be highly commended this year is amazing. 

‘It’s a testament to the whole team. Even during these scary and troubling times the staff here still make sure the customer service is the best it can be.’

‘We’re not afraid to be a more personable business. We’re all about the customer experience.

‘This isn’t just about a car and a daily occurrence for us, it’s about making sure that customer gets the best experience every time.’

Throughout the pandemic Emerald House of Cars has been making changes to the way it operates, that Quinn admits they might not have had a chance to do otherwise. 

He said: ‘We’re in the process of going back to basics. The business is more online-focussed now as we adopt the new ways of doing things. 

‘We were already doing a lot of video before, but it’s become even more important and being transparent through videos is really vital.’

‘We’ve been in business for seven years, with five of those on this site. When you’re worrying about the day to do, you don’t always get to look at your processes and that’s one of the positives to come out of this difficult time,’ said Quinn. 

For the team at Emerald House of Cars it has been a particularly difficult time, as they lost a key member of the team Ryan Wolverson in July 2020 and Quinn added that they would like to dedicate this recognition to him. 

Ryan Wolverson hands over a cheque

Ryan Wolverson with a customer at Emerald House of Cars

Quinn said: ‘He was my top sales executive and only around 24 years old with a huge future ahead of him. 

‘He was a rising star in the industry.  

‘Sadly lost his battle with depression and took his own life around July time last year.

‘It rocked our whole team at Emerald as he was loved and the most caring person you would ever meet.  

‘It was a complete shock to everyone as he was the person that you would bet your life on would never do a thing like that because he was so positive and upbeat.’

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