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t_1517.jpgBUYERS switching to older, cheaper used cars? Then hit them with this fact.

UK motorists spend nearly £4bn a year fixing cars aged between four to eight years old.

Namely, cars that have dropped out of the manufacturers’ warranty period.

The figures come from Warranty Direct, which has just published a list of the nation’s most reliable cars. Needless to say, Japanese cars dominate.


But the company also analysed results by ‘cost to repair’ – and here too, Toyota, Honda and Nissan also came out on top. On the rare instances that they do break down, Japanese cars are also very cheap to repair. The faults are far from major.

Compare that with the top-five list of most expensive models to repair. The Jaguar S-Type takes the unenviable top slot here.

It costs, on average, £422 to fix. A Toyota Yaris costs £89. MGs are also in the top five – along with two surprises. The Audi TT… and the Lexus IS 200.

The Japanese are good, then, but not perfect…

Top 5 most expensive cars to repair

Jaguar S-Type: £422
Audi TT: £402
MG TF: £399
MG ZT: £396
Lexus IS 200: £394

Top 5 cheapest cars to repair

Toyota Yaris (99-03): £89
Honda Jazz: £106
Nissan Micra (93-03): £132
Toyota Corolla (97-04): £134
Ford Ka: £143

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