We Buy Any Car (but not from you): Online platform slammed for refusing to buy from suspected car dealer

  • We Buy Any Car slammed after refusing to buy vehicle as they suspected customer was a car dealer
  • Pandi Qerreti used to work as a car salesman but now runs a local cafe in Hull
  • Online platform has not gone through with sale but is yet to return Mercedes S-Class to Qerreti

Time 3 weeks ago

We Buy Any Car has come in for stinging criticism after the online platform refused to buy a vehicle from a consumer because it suspected he was actually a car dealer.

Pandi Qerreti, 44, believed he had sold his Mercedes S-Class through the website and was expecting £33,097.25 to be transferred into his account.

However, Hull Live reports that he was then contacted by We Buy Any Car to say they had cancelled the agreement, despite still having the car.

We Buy Any Car said that as he was a car dealer, the sale was in breach of its terms and conditions.

Qerreti, who lives in Hull, says he used to sell cars for a living but is no longer a dealer and now runs a local cafe.

The situation was complicated further when the 44-year-old received an official government notification to inform him that he no longer officially owned the S-Class.

As a result of the stress, Qerreti has now been off work for a week, while We Buy Any Car still have not given him the vehicle back.

He has now slammed the company for its handling of the situation and has called on it to either return the car to him, or go through with the sale.

He said: ‘I’ve been very stressed and very disappointed. It stopped me going to work, I can’t go to work because of the stress.

‘I don’t sell cars anymore, I used to sell cars, but now I have a coffee shop.

‘They checked the car before, they checked me a while before, they should know.

‘They wasted my time. I want to highlight the case to warn others.’

In an email sent to Qerreti on September 17, a spokesman from We Buy Any Car accused him of breaching part of the sale contract.

The email said: ‘From a review of the documentation and information we have found about you, we have identified that your business is in the buying and selling of vehicles.

‘As you have also been in possession of this vehicle for a very short period of time, we reasonably believe therefore that you are selling this vehicle in the general course of business.’

We Buy Any Car has been contacted for comment.

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