Wessex Garages supports campaign to protect motorists from rogue mechanics

Time 8:46 am, September 16, 2014

Keith Brock, Wessex GaragesWESSEX Garages has joined the campaign to protect motorists from unlicensed car mechanics.

The company, which has dealerships across south Wales and the south-west of England, is supporting the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) in its call for the government to create a minimum standard for all UK garage technicians.

Managing director of Wessex Garages Keith Brock, pictured, explained: ‘According to a recent poll by the NFDA and Trusted Dealers website, 84 per cent of people are unaware that there are no minimum qualifications needed for someone to work as a car mechanic.

Find out what the NFDA had to say about the campaign here

‘Unlike many parts of Europe, the UK doesn’t regulate entry into the profession, which means unlicensed and poorly trained mechanics can run a garage without breaking the law. We are supporting the NFDA’s campaign to call for the government to do more to protect motorists by creating a minimum standard for all UK garage technicians.

‘There are excellent independent garages with very high standards out there, but because the industry is unlicensed there is no way of knowing whether the person taking a spanner to your car knows what they are doing.’

The NFDA initiative would bring the UK into line with other countries in Europe where automotive mechanics are subject to minimum standards of training. For example, in Germany all garages must have a ‘master technician’ who has reached a minimum level of proficiency. All garages are also licensed to protect motorists and to guarantee high standards.

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