Avoid fines and penalties and retain your reputation

Avoid fines and penalties and retain your reputation

In this sponsored Car Dealer Clinic column, Motorcheck explaims how it can help dealers guard against the perils of write-offs 

MOTORCHECK’S October audit examining the sale of undisclosed insurance write-offs has detected potential examples at more than 900 UK retailers.

 How does this occur? It’s estimated that every year 100,000 insurance write-offs slip past the voluntary database relied on by popular provenance check providers HPI and Experian. This leaves dealers vulnerable to unknowingly purchasing or selling a previously damaged vehicle. The examples found are across the entire industry. Many are presented under the OEM’s ‘Premium Used’ brand and some even carry a third-party endorsement from the AA or RAC.

What does it mean for your business? Offering an insurance write-off for sale without the proper disclosure exposes a retaailer to future fines or other penalties but may also result in significant damage to a dealer’s online reputation.

What protection can you put in place? MotorCheck has access to a database of more than 2.5 million previously damaged vehicles. We make the information available to retailers as part of our full provenance check service or via a standalone check called a ‘Condition Alert’ designed to supplement your current provider.

Checks can be carried out individually by VRM, via Batch Upload or directly over a dedicated API.

Visit: https://partner.motorcheck.co.uk/salvage-check/
Email: sales@motorcheck.co.uk
Phone: 0330 331 0150

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