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13.01.09: Don’t worry, I have a plan

Time 9:23 am, January 13, 2009

Don’t worry lads I have a plan… Conversations that start that way often aren’t received with the enthusiasm I’d hope for in the Car Dealer office, but this one was different…

It’s the plan of all plans!

Just like all good ones it was hatched after a night on the sauce. RTotY helper Dan Harris and myself were enjoying a few beverages at the local snooker club, recalling how much fun putting the Road Test of the Year together was.

We both wanted to do something similar, but spanking some supercars to Wales again, although enjoyable, probably isn’t what you’re wanting to read at the moment.

So we came up with this. Inspired by our heroes on BBC’s Top Gear we decided to set a challenge for the Car Dealer team, ourselves included.

Called ‘Bangers for BEN’, we each have to find a car for £100, drive it from our south coast HQ near Portsmouth to John O’Groats – some 718 miles each way – and then sell said Banger for as much as possible.

We’ll then hand all proceeds to BEN, the very worthy automotive industry charity.


Cars need to be as cool as possible too – okay, so £100 banger and cool, don’t usually go together, but we’re not letting that put us off!

As you can imagine, the rivalry has already begun. I have spent a day I should have spent doing lots of other things searching Auto Trader / eBay / local paper / and contacts book in the hunt for a car.bangers4benlogo

I’ve fired off more emails to countless industry top bods in an effort to get the best motor for the cash. And I’ve had some very interesting conversations – with many realising that ‘finding’ me the best car possible for my £100 will mean ultimately more cash for BEN at the end of the event. Thanks chaps!

In true Top Gear style we’ll be subjected to a series of challenges along the way and will have points deducted for challenge failures, breakdowns and for spending anything over the budget on our chosen chariots.

Oh, and the cars we buy will be kept secret until the day of the trip, so we can’t show you what we’ve bought until then unfortunately.

So who are the challengers?

Me – editor, who’ll be using all contacts to beg/bribe/plead for the coolest car possible for a ton.

Rich Aucock – deputy ed, who’ll probably be doing the same as me.

Duncan Chappell – car salesman for Chrysler – who’ll be using his contacts in the trade to find a banger.

Dan Harris – our man from the street (well, not literally) representing the normal car buying member of public, who, let’s face it needs all the help he can get to find a suitable motor!

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We’ll be heading for John O’Groats in February – something, our friends at BEN pointed out might not be very wise – it will probably be covered in snow… Oh well, it’ll make things interesting at least…

Stay posted for more blogs as Bangers for BEN takes shape.



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