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#B4B21: Bangers4Ben cars make £15,350 at auction taking total to more than £35,000 raised so far

  • Bangers4Ben 2021 cars have gone to auction at BCA
  • The sale has added more than £15,000 to the funds raised by this years event so far
  • The most money was made by Automotive Compliance who’s car sold for £1,500

Time 3 weeks ago

The hammer has dropped on this year’s Bangers4Ben as the cars have made their way to auction and been sold to new owners – raising a further £15,350!

Possibly one of the biggest indicators for strong used car prices is that the majority of cars sold by BCA this week at the B4B21 auction made a profit, which anyone who’s been before will know is not always the case.

The efforts of the teams this year paid off, as the current total raised by the event is £35,250 without taking into account buyers fees donated from the sale by BCA.

Teams have so far raised £19,900 themselves, and this is from a slightly smaller group of cars than seen in previous years.

One of the most prized titles from the event is the car that can make the most profit, and this year that was Automotive Compliance. They bought their BMW 630i for nothing and it sold for the most at auction at £1,500.

Very closely following though, was the AA Jaguar X-Type, which was bought for £300 and sold for £1,450 – making a profit of £1,150.

X-Type’s were the most popular car on the banger rally and clearly the most popular at the auction, with Compact Car Centre and their Spongebob Squarepants X-Type making the third most profit at the auction.

The car, pictured above, also won best car on the event and sold for £1,275, making a profit of £775.

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You can find out what all of the cars sold so far have raised in the table below.

Company Make Model Bought for Sold for Profit
Automotive Compliance BMW 630i £0 £1,500.00 £1,500
AA Jaguar X-Type £300 £1,450.00 £1,150
Compact Car Centre Jaguar X Type £500 £1,275.00 £775
Octane Finance Volkswagen Beetle £450 £1,000.00 £550
Car Quay MG TF £750 £1,250.00 £500
Trade to Trade Group Merceds S Class £500 £850.00 £350
Sherwood Motor Group Nissan Qashqai £250 £600.00 £350
Retrofit South West Mercedes A150 £500 £750.00 £250
Aero Truck Mazda 6 £750 £1,000.00 £250
Warranty Solutions Group Toyota Yaris £600 £450.00 £150
Automotion Events Renault Master £625 £750.00 £125
Revento Motors Audi A4 Convertible £650 £750.00 £100
Motor Connect Chrysler Grand Voyager £650 £650.00 £0
CRC Creative Peugeot 306D Turbo £215 £200.00 -£15
Samson Motor Engineers Jaguar X Type 3.0 Sport £680 £475.00 -£205
Clarus Motor Park Jaguar X Type £750 £525.00 -£225
iVendi Volkswagen Touran £750 £450.00 -£300
Autofiniti Honda CRV Unknown £500.00 n/a
CitNow Hyundai Coupe Unknown £300.00 n/a
Lawgistics and Partners& Vauxhall Zafira Unknown £625.00 n/a
Emerald House of Cars Mazda MX-5 Unknown Yet to be sold n/a

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