Bad habits cost owners

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DRIVERS are costing themselves millions by poor driving and car maintenance, says a new report.

Tesco Car Warranty has discovered that car dealers have a real opportunity to drive aftersales, by informing drivers of their poor habits.

Particularly because 78 per cent of motorists fail to keep up to date with regular maintenance.


Younger drivers are worst. A third ‘ride the clutch’, accelerating wear. Seven per cent drive with the rev counter in the top third of the dial. 15 per cent drive in the wrong gear. There’s an opportunity here for repair work.

Older drivers are more rigorous. Three quarters change their oil completely once a year, compared to just a quarter of younger drivers.

This means millions of car repairs are self inflicted – and could be avoided through using car dealers’ aftersales departments to maintain service schedules.

It also means targeting your database of older motorists for aftersales leads could generate the best response rates.

Allan Burns, head of insurance at Tesco Personal Finance, said: ‘Faulty driving and maintenance habits can lead directly to parts failing or suffering unnecessary wear and tear. Our survey has revealed that while some motorists admit to poor habits, many are unaware of the cost implications this could have.

‘In the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever for drivers to manage their motoring costs, to ward off any unexpected bills. Keeping up to speed with general maintenance and curbing bad driving habits will ensure the roads are safer, and could help drivers save thousands of pounds.’

Far be it from us to say that the best trade-in cars are those from older drivers, too…

Matthew Dransfield, head of communications at Tesco Personal Finance, offers dealers some pointers to car owners on why their bad habits cost…

43 per cent drive with one hand on the gear stick.
‘Even just the slightest pressure on the gear stick can be transmitted to the gear selector and cause premature wear and tear.’
A third ‘ride’ the clutch.
’The additional pressure on a clutch, means that this is not fully engaging with the clutch plate and can slip, this can result in a driver burning out the clutch.’
One in ten youngsters drive with their rev counter in the top third.
‘This is the point when the engine is under most pressure and its components are moving at their fastest speed and are more likely to cause damage.’
15 per cent drive in the wrong gear.
‘This puts additional pressure on the engine. If the gear is too low, a driver will be revving more than they need to and if they’re too high, it can cause extra strain on the crank and con rods.’
A third check their tyre pressure once a week.
‘Failing to do this can cause heat to build up in the tyres. It also means that you won’t be driving as economically and braking and handling of the car can become difficult.’
A quarter of drivers fail to completely change their oil once a year.
‘Engine oil is crucial to the running of your car, and over time, the quality of oil in your engine deteriorates and can become clogged with residue.’

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