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Car dealer’s Kerbasurus wheel repair service enjoys (pre)historic first year

  • Snows Motor Group launched Kerbasaurus at the start of the year
  • 5,500 wheels have been repaired by its mobile workshops
  • 1,120 diamond cut wheels have been repaired at SARC
  • Dinosaur branding is making the team stand out from the crowd

Time 7:05 am, October 19, 2023

Snows Motor Group is marking a successful first year of its wheel repair and refurbishment service – Kerbasaurus. 

The Jurassic-themed operation is based from Snows’ Accident Repair Centre (SARC) in Southampton and sends out a fleet of technicians in brightly branded vans to assist customers.

Since the service was launched earlier this year 5,500 wheels have been repaired in their mobile workshops and 1,120 diamond cut wheels have been fully restored at SARC.

Daniel Bush, head of bodyshop operations at SARC, who came up with the eye-catching branding, said: ‘The Kerbasaurus team have been busy since the very first day.

‘We had high hopes that the service would prove popular but the level of demand has taken us by surprise. It’s possible that our SMART repair service might even overtake the bodyshop in terms of scale in years to come.

‘We have five members of staff on the team at the moment – there’s one person in each van and two on the static operation. The biggest challenge we face as the service expands is to find enough skilled staff!’

The vans have also been named in line with the unmissable branding, and are called Delta, Echo, Blue and Charlie aping names in the Jurassic World film from 2015.

It also has a sister operation called ‘Chipasaurus’ for windscreen repairs.

The SMART repair service is operating at full capacity at the Southampton hub and is central to the work undertaken there.

The team are able to complete car repairs, from minor paintwork scratches to major bodywork rebuilds, using state-of-the-art tools, factory-trained technicians and manufacturer-matched paint.

Bush added: ‘All our work is based on customer recommendations.

‘We offer a lifetime guarantee on everything we do and our customers know their car has been repaired by manufacturer-trained technicians.

‘There’s certainly never a dull moment here and our Kerbasaurus operation is helping us go from strength to strength.’

Yesterday, Car Dealer reported on Snows’ annual accounts which showed the business made £6.4m profit in 2022.

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