Dealers urged to ‘keep it simple’ with their websites

Time 7:22 am, July 12, 2013

756420motors20logo20rgb-2-no-straplineRESEARCH carried out by has revealed that just three of the UK’s top 100 dealer groups have responsive websites in place.

This research highlights the large opportunities there are for dealers to adopt new technology that enables websites to be automatically re-scaled to fit the next generation of mobile devices.

According to, 65 per cent of dealers have already invested in separate mobile sites and 13 per cent in iPhone apps, while another two per cent have built and app for Android phones. say this is potentially a ‘wasted investment given the emergence of responsive websites’. These types of websites automatically change their layout to adapt to the screen of the device being used, whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Data confirms that more than 50 per cent of the UK population now owns a smartphone while 35 per cent or more of traffic to now comes from mobile devices – a 14 per cent increase from quarter one in 2012.

Although top dealers have been slower to roll-out responsive web design, the smaller operators have begun investing in’s responsive platform, Flex, which has reached more than 40 implementations.

The Flex platform utilises a flexible framework to create responsive and easy to customise sites, which are fully optimized. say dealers will benefit from an easy to use content management system, straightforward vehicle management structure, visitor tracking tools and an enhanced search engine optimisation pack to ensure a high degree of visibility within Google.

Managing director at, Andy Coulthurst said: ‘There is a very realistic chance that, by the end of 2013, half of all traffic to dealer and classified websites will come from mobile devices. In addition, there has been a great deal of talk in the past 18 months about the range of online marketing solutions, from responsive design to mobile-optimised sites, apps and social media.

‘The reality is that, despite the obvious need to evolve, it can be challenging for a dealer to navigate through the ‘marketing speak’ and determine the best solution for their needs. With millions of potential buyers using thousands of different devices running on dozens of operating systems, it is important that a dealer is able to get their message across in the right way.’

Coulthurst added: ‘Those innovative dealers who are nimble enough to act quickly have seen demonstrable success in the performance of their new responsive website. Tangible improvements have been delivered in the amount of time spent on site, number of page views per visit and reduction in the bounce rate.’

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