DVLA releases list of banned 22 plates deemed ‘offensive, embarrassing and in poor taste’.

  • DVLA bans hundreds of 22 plates which have been deemed inappropriate
  • Agency blacklists any registration that includes sexual words
  • Ban is also placed on references to Covid, war and controversial historical figures

Time 9:27 am, March 29, 2022

The DVLA has released a new list of 22 plates that will be banned after being deemed obscene or offensive by the government agency.

The body has sought to remove any registration numbers that include swear words, religious or political references, and sexually related language.

It has also banned plates that make reference to Covid, war, hell or controversial historical figures.

Overall a total of 343 combinations have been withdrawn, according to online news outlet CarReg.

The ‘22’ plates that have been blacklisted include ‘A22 HLE’, ‘BA22 TRD’, ‘BE22 END’ and ‘BJ22 GAL’.

There are also bans for ‘BT22 CHY’, ‘BU22 SHT’, ‘DR22 NK’, ‘M22 FKR’, ‘S22 LAG’, and ‘TU22 URD’.

Among the more smuttiest registrations to be excluded are ‘BJ22 FAB’, ‘BU22 GER’, ‘PO22 RNO’, and ‘VA22 GNA’.

Other combinations that won’t be allowed include ‘CO22 ONA’, ‘CO22 RNA’ and CO22 VD’ as well as ‘AH22 TLR’, ‘GO22 HLL’, ‘SA22 TEN’ and ‘YE22 WAR’.

A DVLA spokesman said the decisions were made to avoid ‘offence, embarrassment and poor taste’.

The agency said: ‘The vast majority of registration numbers are made available but we hold back any combinations that may cause offence, embarrassment or are in poor taste.’

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