Ewards 2010: Our search for best websites begins

Time 11 years ago

ewardslogo2010TODAY we launch our search for the best automotive websites in the Car Dealer Ewards 2010!

Now in their third year, these gongs being held in association with Autotorq.com aim to find the very best automotive retail websites out there in seven categories.

Because the needs of franchised dealer websites can differ dramatically depending on how many franchises the group holds we’ve added a Multi Franchised Dealer Eward this year. This is for all dealers that represent more than one manufacturer.


We’ve also added a Special Achievement Eward that we’ll be handing out to a car dealer, manufacturer or supplier that we feel has used the internet in a unique way to further their business.

Car dealers need to enter their website for it to be considered by our panel of judges. This is very easy to do – see the box for details of how to do it.

We’ll be accepting entries for the following categories in 2010:

1. Single Franchised Dealer – this is open to all franchised dealers that represent just one manufacturer


2. Multi Franchised Dealer – open to all franchised dealer groups that hold franchises for more than one manufacturer

3. Car Supermarket

4. Independent Dealer

5. Car Manufacturer (automatic entry)

The Web Innovation category is nominated and voted for by the judges and then the panel will pick a winner during our judging day. This Eward can be handed to any business connected with the motor trade which the panel feels has done something truly innovative in the past year.

The Special Achievement Eward will also be nominated by individual judges and decided upon by our panel at the judging day to be held at headline sponsor Autotorq’s Fulham HQ.

How it works

To be included you need to enter your website with the details requested in the panel below by emailing [email protected]. The more detail you include the better as this will help our judges analyse what you considered when putting your site together.

We’ll look through all entries and shortlist 10 in each category and these will then be handed to the judges. Each judge uses their own set of criteria to mark the websites and they allocate 10 points to their favourite, nine to the second favourite, descending to one point for their least favourite.

We then take all the judges’ points and add them up to come up with our winners! The closing date for entries is October 14, but the sooner you get your entry in the better.

Every month in the run-up to the results we will highlight one of the entries and our judges will critique what they like about it – so if you get your entry in soon your dealership could be featured in an upcoming issue! Good luck.


Submitting your website is a piece of cake. All we need is an email to [email protected] with the following details:

1 Your name and position

2 Company name

3 Website address

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  • Premium stories
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  • Magazine early access

4 Name of the agency who designed the site, or if in-house state this

5 100 words (or more) saying what makes your site an Eward winner. Think about what
you considered before building the website and the reasons for adding its functions.

If you’ve entered before that doesn’t mean you can’t enter, but you will need to send us details of your website again. We will also consider nominations made by other parties and our judges will get to nominate some of their favourites too.

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