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GardX KleenAir Steri-7: The best sanitisation solution to help keep your staff, customers and business safe

Time 10:19 am, September 28, 2020

GardX International have the solution to help provide your staff and customers with the confidence that you have taken the best steps available to maintain a clean and safe environment within your dealership and or at home.

In the video above, GardX International’s deputy head of sales Richard Gonzalez and Steri-7 sales director Nick Sayer explain the safety and benefits that GardX Steri-7 will bring to your business. Here is a quick summary of the main benefits.

What is GardX’s experience in the sanitisation market?

GardX International was established in 2003 and in the UK has been better known for its Vehicle Protection Solutions. Within the international markets, in particular the Middle East, GardX have been very successful in supplying vehicle sanitisation products for over 15 years. Our KleenAir Ultra Mist fogging system is a completely green solution that sanitises the car’s interior and the air conditioning system in minutes. The formulation is OEM supported by Toyota, Honda and Hyundai and it recently received accreditation by the prestigious TUV as being effective against human coronavirus.

How quickly did you identify that there was an opportunity to help and support the automotive industry by finding a suitable solution to reopen showrooms doors safely?

‘Before lockdown, it became obvious the world was changing and the sanitising of workplaces was going to be paramount in ensuring the safety of staff and customers.

We were already extremely experienced in sanitising a car’s interior and air con systems, but dealerships were another challenge and one of which we wanted to take on to ensure we delivered the best solution available on the market.

When dealers were given a date to re-open they had to prepare their dealership and unfortunately, there was little guidance on how to ensure the dealership, staff and customers were kept as safe as possible. Dealers had to interpret the rules themselves and their understanding of disinfectants in general and compete bio-security was extremely limited.

We went out to the market and wanted to find the world’s best disinfectant and it became very clear we had with Ster-7. It’s probably the world’s most effective disinfectant – not only for vehicles, but for dealerships or indeed any business. Not all disinfectants are equal: Take a household surface cleaner effective up to 99.9 per cent – Steri-7 is effective up to 99.9999 per cent.

Within a short time, we realised we had a product that ticked every box and something that offered complete bio-security that could be used anywhere on any surface, hard or soft even in canteens where food was served. It was the perfect product for the industry to guarantee safety for staff and customer alike.

We introduced to the industry our ‘Back to Business Programme’ utilising our complete sanitising range, KleenAir Ultra Mist and Steri-7, offering a complete seamless solution for sanitising a dealership, highlighting the safest way to hand over a new or used car, complete safety in the aftersales department and the showroom – all in line with the government guidelines.

What is Steri-7 and where is it particularly beneficial in a dealership?

Steri-7 is a high-level disinfectant cleaner, proven to kill up to 99.9999 per cent of bacteria and germs on the surface within seconds.

It is the only surface cleaner available containing the Unique Reactive Barrier Technology which once dried, prevents the bacteria from reproducing for up to 72 hours providing protection between cleans. Which means you only have to apply once to frequently used touch points such as keys and steering wheels. Not only does Steri-7 provide confidence and reassurance, it also adds value in preventing contamination which ultimately leads to employee sickness and absence.

What does Steri-7 provide by way of bio-security that other disinfectants do not offer?

Steri-7 is unlike other disinfectants which work only at the point of application and stop working when dry. Ster-7 is tested and proven to work even when dry, providing protection between applications. The difference between 99.9 per cent and 99.9999 per cent is massive – 99.9 per cent would leave 1,000 bugs a square meter on a service reception or counter, while Steri-7 would leave one.

What are the benefits to my operation in using Steri-7?

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Only one disinfectant is required across a dealer’s operation as Steri-7 may be used on any surface or material. All Steri-7 disinfectants have been tested and proven against coronavirus and offers the highest level of bio-security – it has 16 EN accreditations.

This is just a snippet of the interview at the top of this post – click the video to find out more about how Steri-7 can protect your business

For more information on how GardX can help you with the most cost effective and time saving solution, call 02393 524 522. 

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