Hybrid trumps electric

Time 3:54 pm, September 7, 2011

toyota-prius-copyNEARLY 90 per cent of people who might consider buying a more eco vehicle would pick a hybrid.

A recent survey by Manheim Auctions shows that 88 per cent of the people asked would rather own a hybrid with just 12 per cent choosing a purely electric car.

However, the auction firm’s survey found that even though hybrid came out as the clear favourite there are still concerns about overall costs of ownership.

Electric cars also came in for criticism in relation to their levels of sophistication and concerns about access to charging points, battery life and range.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that most people would be willing to pay around £6k for a second-hand hybrid vehicle which, based on current auction prices, would buy a four year old Toyota Prius or Honda Civic IMA.

‘There is a lot of talk and a lot being written about electric cars at the moment and there is no doubt that they do make a contribution to reducing emissions.

‘But motorists seem reluctant to make the switch while they perceive that many fundamental questions remain unanswered. Hybrids are a proven technology but remain in limited supply and whilst this situation continues the second hand premium remains high for such vehicles,’ said Craig Mailey, marketing director, Manheim Auctions.

‘Also it shouldn’t be forgotten that there have been huge advances by manufacturers in reducing emissions and improving the fuel economy of conventional car engines in recent years.’

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