Land Rover makes the most unreliable cars with three models likely to develop faults

  • What Car? research quizzed more than 16,000 car owners to create a reliability index
  • Three models from Land Rover top their classes as the worst to own
  • French firms Peugeot and Citroen close behind

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Land Rover makes the most unreliable cars according to a survey of more than 16,000 car owners.

The What Car? research has named and shamed the worst car makers after analysing results of 27 different brands and 139 models.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport was the least reliable large SUV, the Range Rover Evoque the most likely family SUV to have faults and the Land Rover Discovery at the bottom of the pile in the luxury SUV class.

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The data took into account cars aged between six and 15 years and found three French firms – Citroen, Peugeot and Renault – filled the spaces behind Land Rover.

Of the 16,328 drivers surveyed, more than a quarter (26 per cent) had experienced a fault, with just 15 per cent of faults repaired free of charge. 

Although 56 per cent of repair bills were less than £500, six per cent of owners had to pay out more than £1,500 to get their cars put right. 

What Car? editor Steve Huntingford said: ‘Used car prices have been pushed up by increased demand caused by the computer chip shortage and other new car supply issues. 

‘With many models costing a third more than they did a year ago, it’s more important than ever to pick a dependable model that won’t land you with a constant stream of expensive repair bills.’

What Car? Gives each car a percentage score in the Reliability Index after taking into account faults reported, how long the car was off the road and the cost of the repair. The most reliable cars scored 100 per cent.

Least Reliable Car Manufacturers

Discovery Sport

  • 1. Land Rover – 65.3%
  • 2. Citroën – 71.8%
  • 3. Peugeot – 73.5%
  • 4. Renault – 74.8%
  • 5. Jaguar – 74.9%
  • 6. Fiat – 76.3%
  • 7. Nissan – 76.4%
  • 8. Vauxhall – 76.7%
  • 9. Volkswagen – 77.1%
  • 10. Mercedes-Benz – 77.4%

At the reliable end of the survey, three models achieved a perfect rating of 100 per cent – the current versions of the Ford Mondeo and Suzuki Vitara and the previous-generation Nissan Leaf. 

Suzuki was the most reliable car manufacturer overall with Lexus and Toyota close behind.

Most Reliable Car Manufacturers

Suzuki Jimny

  • 1. Suzuki – 97.0%
  • 2. Lexus – 93.6%
  • 3. Toyota – 92.4%
  • 4. Honda – 92.0%
  • 5. Kia – 90.6%
  • 6. Mitsubishi – 89.0%
  • 7.Mazda – 88.6%
  • 8. Hyundai – 86.5%
  • 9. Dacia – 85.8%
  • 10. Porsche – 85.3%

The Suzuki Jimny was named our Used Car of the Year at the recent Used Car Awards. You can see what Wheeler Dealer star Mike Brewer thought of it in the video below.

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