More than half of car buyers would like to test drive from home

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More than half of car buyers have said they would like to have the option of test driving a car from their own home.

Carwow surveyed 1,000 people who had bought a car through them since June 1 and found that 52 per cent would have liked to have the option of trying the car at their house.

Of those who bought a car through them, 57 per cent visited a showroom to test drive the car before completing the purchase.


Customers are also more conscious of cars being sanitised, according to the research.

They expect them to be properly disinfected before getting behind the wheel, and 42 per cent said they would want to see the test car being sanitised at their home, in full view, upon delivery.

Vix Leyton, car buying expert from Carwow, said: ‘The pandemic has given consumers a real appetite for online buying, with 54 per cent of respondents saying they would continue to do the bulk of their car buying digitally from now on.

‘Dealers have really stepped up in terms of catering to the modern, safety conscious buyer with virtual video tours as well as virtual test drives now available.

‘But many car buyers still want to “try before they buy” and we found that more than half would prefer if the dealer brought the vehicle to their own home to start the test drive.’

She added: ‘Motor retailers are working hard to help their customers learn about their new car with as many online tools as possible, but there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel to find out exactly what the chosen model feels like.’

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