Records smashed as special collection of Renaults go under the hammer and make £400k

  • Collecting Cars sells special collection of Renaults
  • Cars were originally part of Renault UK’s heritage collection
  • Sale nets over £400,000 with lots including Clio 182 Trophy fetching £45,000

Time 2:15 pm, March 16, 2022

Online auction website Collection Cars has sold a Renault Clio for nearly £88,000 and a Renault 4 for over £18,000 in a special sale that netted over £400,000.

The two cars weren’t normal models though with the Clio being the hugely sought-after V6 version which sold for a whopping £87,654, while the 5 was a highly original example and made £18,250.

They were just two out of a total of 16 Renaults that went under the hammer during a special ‘collection’ sale by Collecting Cars.

All of the cars were originally part of Renault UK’s heritage fleet, before being bought by a dealer and then sold individually on the auction website.

The cars were hand-picked by Renault either due to their rarity or highly original condition, and were used by members of the press including Car Dealer (see below).

The 16-car collection comprised of well-cared-for examples of important run-of-the-mill Renault models, and a selection of rarer, performance models.

A 1985 Renault 4 GTL sold for an impressive £18,250, while a low mileage Renault 5 1.4 GTL, also of the same year, fetched £9,250.

A trio of humble Clios were featured too – 1991 Mk1 1.4 RT with 28,358 miles on the clock went for £4,200, a 2000-registered 1.2 Grande Mk2 with 11,488 miles made £2,600, and a 22,551-mile 2007 Mk3 1.4 Dynamique sold for £3,100.

Also under the hammer was a rare 1977 Alpine A110 1600SX. It had been upgraded with Weber 45 DCOE carburettors to extract up to 150bhp from its rev-happy inline-four engine, and prior to being owned by Renault UK was previously part of a Spanish rally champion’s collection. It made £81,600.

The collection also featured two examples of the 2008 Renaultsport Megane R26.R, chassis #000 and #001 (fitted with a desirable titanium exhaust system), which sold for £33,000 and £38,750 respectively, and a 2015 Renaultsport Megane RS 275 Trophy-R, chassis #001, which went for £29,750.

Also in the auction was Renaultsport’s first ever road car, the Sport Spider – the 1997-registered car with just 5,140 miles on the clock sold for £45,500.

Renault Clio V6

The Clio V6 which featured in the auction was a Car Dealer cover star

The auction’s Clio V6 Phase 2 was a former press car and one of just 18 Acid Yellow cars in the UK. With just 15,000 miles on the clock, it made £87,654 – a little shy of the £90,000 another Acid Yellow Phase 2 Clio V6 made on Collecting Cars recently, though.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the sale was a Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy. The 2005-registered former press car and chassis #001 had covered just 16,478 miles and fetched a whopping £45,250 – a new world record for a 182 Trophy and by some margin.

The sale lasted for seven says and accumulated more than 500 bids.

It total, the ‘Renault Collection’ made £407,765.

Many of the cars sold were former Renault UK press cars.

One of which was the Clio V6 Phase 2 which was a cover star on issue 93 of Car Dealer Magazine, published in November 2015.

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At the time, we said of then 10-year-old car: ‘The Clio V6 reads like a rejected motor industry April fool press release. No-one would ever believe that a car company would take a supermini, Chuck out the back seats and strap a whopping 3.0-litre V6 from their family saloon, and then put it into production.’

The magazine celebrate Renault’s hottest hatches and also included the 5 GT Turbo, Clio Willians and the then-new Renaultsport Clio 200 Turbo.

You can read the issue below.

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