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‘The most reliable and the cheapest car check in the UK’

Time 8:30 am, June 15, 2020

With most of the UK still experiencing a strict lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are hesitant to use public transport.

The cash-strapped individuals may not be able to buy a new car but a used car is totally in the range and should be preferred to stay safe.

It is a fact that for every new vehicle sold in the UK each year there are about three used cars changing hands. That said, going through the process of buying a used car isn’t a walk in the park, so you need vigilance.

With an average sale price of £5,500, buying a used car is not just a big investment but a vital decision to get right.

You might feel you don’t have enough mechanical knowledge to spot any potential problems with a second-hand car, but there is now a simple and quick way to help you avoid buying a car that’s been badly damaged, stolen, illegally altered or has a host of other potential problems. We call it the Vehicle History Check!

Free car check from Car Analytics
Car Analytics (CA) was formed in 2016 to offer free car checks, ensuring buyers have all the important information on any UK vehicle. And it really couldn’t be simpler. By entering the vehicle’s registration number, they can instantly receive vehicle details.

The information includes the MOT history with advisory details, tax status, import/export status, car reg check, total running costs, fuel estimate, CO2 emissions, and vehicle age. The free car check report is ideal for getting initial information about the car the buyer is interested in. If we go into details of some of these checks, such as the running costs and CO2 emission, they help buyers make an informed decision.

Paid car checks from Car Analytics
When the buyer is close to actually buying a used car, Car Analytics offers two detailed car history checks (paid) to help them make the right choice. The basic vehicle check report costs just £1.99 and includes number plate check, number of previous owners/keepers’ history, colour changes and check if a car has been scrapped. They also find out the true car valuation, such as dealer forecourt, trade-in price, and private sale price.

The cheapest car check in the UK
The premium Car Analytics vehicle check report provides critical information on the car’s history in a single report in a precise format and is priced at £8.95, which is the cheapest car history check in the UK industry.

This is not an exaggeration; they literally are the most economical. The cheapest does not mean that the report lacks the necessary information by any way. In fact, it has more data on the vehicle in question than the most expensive car history check services offer.

The full car check has all the vehicle details mentioned above plus includes outstanding finance check, write-off insurance details, certificate of destruction, the record of financial disputes, car mileage check, a stolen vehicle check from the police national computer, plus any insurance claims that may have been made.

The used car buyers will also find out if the vehicle has ever been flagged as high risk.

Importance of vehicle checks in the UK
All of these checks have great significance for second-hand-vehicle buyers. For instance, the outstanding finance check tells if the vehicle has any kind of outstanding loan on it. Understand that almost 90 per cent of car deals made in the UK involve some kind of outstanding finance.

Similarly, buyers must know about the risks of buying a stolen car. As per a study, a vehicle is stolen every five minutes in the United Kingdom and this makes the stolen car check a must for potential car shoppers.

Another very important analysis in this regard is the insurance write-off check/total loss. It shows the car buyer if the vehicle under consideration was previously damaged excessively and risky to drive, or if it is roadworthy but beyond repair.

Moreover, mileage anomaly is very common across the UK. Statistics show that about 2.5 million cars on the UK roads have a mileage anomaly. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a car mileage check before the purchase.

Bespoke car trade solutions for auto dealers
Car Analytics also offers bespoke trade solutions for auto dealers, offering the lowest price in the industry. It requires no monthly fee and has a free sign-up.

After verification, the dealer’s account is credited with £20 in their first top-up for free. They have three plans, which comprise Free, Silver, and Gold.
• Under the Free plan, customers can avail themselves of a basic check at £1 and full check at just £2
• In the Silver plan, the basic check costs 75p and the full check is available at £1.50
• In Gold, the same basic check is only 50p and the full check is £1.25, thus saving dealers £25 and £100 respectively

There is more for auto traders in the vehicle check report. They can discover what matters most to used car buyers, including brand preferences, body types, and most popular colours. The company provides market insights to help ease their businesses.

Final words
There are many potential pitfalls to be wary of when buying a used car. But a Car Analytics vehicle history check is the simplest, safest, and fastest way to avoid them before parting with your hard-earned cash. And the best part is their car check report is the most reliable and the cheapest, offering up to £40,000 guarantee under certain terms.

Moreover, CA’s MOT text analytics is a unique feature, which buyers may not find in every report. It is basically an analysis of MOT advisories and failures, which give insights into repairs carried out on the vehicle, as well as advisory items. So, there is nothing to lose for individual buyers as well as the auto dealers. Get your car history report today!

See how we compare on price – you won’t find a cheaper car history check than Car Analytics.

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