Robots and craftsmanship combine over special paint process for Nissan Juke

Time 1 year ago

Nissan has revealed how robots and craftsmanship are working together on the Juke’s distinctive two-tone paint.

Microscopic precision is needed, working in measurements of less than a hair’s width, which Nissan says has elevated the vehicle painting process to an art form.

The colour design studio at Nissan Design Europe in London developed the colour range while the Sunderland plant looked after the precision painting process.


All specks of dust have to be carefully removed from the vehicle bodywork to make sure the paint can be applied to a perfect surface.

In addition, the paint shop operators wear lint-free clothing to avoid any contamination, while special lighting is also used so inspectors can identify and remove any imperfections before the process is completed.

Clare Errington, paint shop manager at Nissan Sunderland, said: ‘We have to adapt to meet the changing customer demands.

‘We are guided by our customers on where we need to go, how good we need to be and how to deliver on those expectations.

‘The production line is a marriage between robots and humans who work in harmony to go above and beyond for our customers.

‘The end result is the perfect combination of technological precision and craftsmanship in order to produce a stunning and distinctive Juke that reflects our customers’ tastes.’

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