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Three-quarters of car buyers looking to purchase from their local dealer next, finds What Car?

  • Research finds 74 per cent of customers want to support local dealerships
  • Over half are willing to accept a longer wait in order to buy from local businesses, What Car? finds
  • Bosses say figures are a ‘reminder of the role local dealers play for motorists’

Time 7:26 am, September 30, 2021

Nearly three-quarters of car buyers are looking to purchase their next vehicle from a local dealer, new research has shown.

Data collected by new car buying platform What Car? found that a whopping 74 per cent were looking to go local with the purchase of their next car.

In a survey of 1,158 in-market buyers, it found there was overwhelming support for local dealerships.

A huge 84 per cent said they believe it to be important to support their local showrooms and garages.

More than a third of buyers – 34 per cent – told the consumer champion that they would buy their next car from their local dealer even if one further away had the same model for a lower price.

The same percentage of respondents were also willing to buy a different spec of vehicle than they initially intended if their local showroom had it in stock.

In news that will please dealers, 56 per cent of those asked said  they would accept a longer wait time for a vehicle to arrive to a local dealer than buying it elsewhere sooner.

The research found 37 per cent of in-market buyers are looking to purchase in the next four weeks, and 27 per cent are set to buy within the next three months, confirming a steady stream of demand for dealers in the weeks and months ahead.

Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car?, said: ‘Our previous research has shown that most buyers research their next vehicle online, but there is clearly strong support for local dealers among in-market buyers when it comes to purchasing their next car.

‘Convenience is always a reason why buyers prefer to buy local, but our research shows the same buyers also believe it’s important to support their local dealer and are even willing to wait longer or pay slightly more in order to do so.

‘At a time when the industry is embracing online sales, this is a reminder of the role local dealers play for motorists, the loyalty this generates and the benefits of nurturing lasting relationships with customers.’

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