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Unravelling the mystery of what car buyers really want from online car sales at Car Dealer Live

  • Partners iVendi will be detailing extensive research carried out exclusively for Car Dealer Live 
  • Online experts have asked 1,000 car buyers what they really want from car dealers’ websites
  • Key trends will be explained with tips on online sales strategies car dealers can put in place now 

Time 6:33 am, February 20, 2024

What exactly do buyers want from car dealers when it comes to shopping for their next car online? 

Well, that’s the question Car Dealer Live partners iVendi will be answering at our exclusive event in just over two weeks’ time.

The firm has carried out an exclusive survey of more than 1,000 used car buyers to find out what parts of the car buying process they like to complete online.

CEO James Tew will be on stage at our event on March 7 at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, with a car dealer guest, to detail their research. 

A handful of tickets for car dealers and suppliers are available before the event sells out at Streaming tickets are also available for those who cannot make the day.

Speaking in a video interview (above), Tew said: ‘Our white paper will cover five key trends in online motor retail. 

‘We surveyed 1,000 used car buyers and as part of that carried out some detailed interviews to give a 360 degree view of omni channel retailing.’

Since the pandemic, car dealers are now commonly operating a hybrid on and off-line sales strategy. Some dealers let customers complete all of the car buying process online, while others offer just parts. Tew said his research will explain which bits of the process car buyers really like doing online.

He added: ‘We have broken it down into these five key elements, firstly, looking at the consumer’s view towards online retailing. And a titbit – it was positive. 

‘We looked at the impact of offering modes of finance to drive sales… and at consumer preferences with regards to each stage of the sales process. 

‘We’ve compared online versus showroom. Who wins? Well, again, that is really interesting.’

iVendi is one of five partners presenting exclusive research at Car Dealer Live. Research sessions will also be hosted by headline sponsor Auto Trader as well as, Google, Cox Automotive and Automotive Transformation Group

Car Dealer Live will also feature headline interviews with Peter Vardy and used car specialist Peter Waddell.

There will be panel discussions with franchised, independent and luxury car dealers as well as a car manufacturer panel that will feature challenger brands BYD and Nio, alongside Stellantis.

Tew promised attendees some key takeaway points from his session that dealers will be able to go back and implement in their businesses. 

He said: ‘Our whole white paper is invaluable research for retailers, OEMs and lenders to help them all refine their own journeys.’

He explained that dealers will learn how to lower costs by using online strategies and ideas to help ‘grow their revenue in the current economic climate’.

‘We can address those pain points that will help to achieve growth, and then show them how to enhance the consumer journey,’ added Tew.

Tew attended last year’s Car Dealer Live event and said he was also looking forward to the interviews and presentations taking place on March 7.

He added: ‘I really enjoyed it last year. There is so much going on in the sector at the moment and they’ll be lots talked about general retailing, agency, EVs, AI, so that’s going to be great to hear all those trends and what’s happening and people’s viewpoints on that.’

Tickets are selling out fast and are available for car dealers and suppliers to the motor trade on the website. Streaming tickets for those not able to make the day are also available.

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James is the founder and editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, and CEO of parent company Baize Group. James has been a motoring journalist for more than 20 years writing about cars and the car industry.

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