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Used car dealers are told: ‘You can be digital disruptors as well’

  • Key message needs to be heard, says iVendi
  • Dealers can easily compete with new market entrants, according to chief commercial officer
  • Traders need to ask themselves if they can afford NOT to be a disruptor, he says

Time 11:40 am, January 26, 2022

Dealers can also be digital disruptors in the used car sector.

That’s the key message they need to hear this year, according to connected motor retail tech expert iVendi.

Chief commercial officer Darren Sinclair said technology was easily available to create something to match even the largest and best-funded new entrants.

‘There is a general perception that the digital capabilities of the major new market entrants require a level of investment and access to expertise and infrastructure that is beyond the average dealer.

‘That’s simply untrue.

‘One of our key messages to the dealer sector in 2022 is that you can be a disruptor too and offer everything that we are seeing from extremely well-funded, high-profile newcomers.

‘Creating a comprehensive online journey including elements such as integrated motor finance, part-exchange and delivery is something that is easily achievable and cost-effective for all car, van and motorcycle dealers.

‘The technology needed to do this is something not just accessible to businesses with funding stretching into hundreds of millions of pounds but the smallest retailer operating on a local level.’

He added that dealers needed to ask themselves could they afford NOT to be a disruptor because of the increased competition facing them over the next few years.

‘In order to compete successfully, the vast majority of mainstream dealers will need to be able to offer something comparable, providing a seamless digital process that makes buying a vehicle extremely simple and easy.

‘As the digital disruptors change the shape of the used car sector and help to accelerate the move to online retail, emulating their approach may not be a choice but more of a necessity.’

Sinclair said off-the-shelf options were available that meant established dealers could offer a customer journey to match bespoke platforms.

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