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Used car dealers ‘have a key lesson to learn from the digital disruptors’

  • Digital motor retail specialist iVendi says candid descriptions are vital to build trust
  • Shift in culture highlighted
  • Point out issues as well as providing high-res pictures, dealers are urged

Time 10:56 am, May 17, 2022

Used car dealers have a key lesson to learn from the digital disruptors.

That’s according to digital motor retail specialist iVendi, which said candid online used car and van descriptions that highlight scratches, dents and other minor damage build trust between dealer and customer.

They can also head off any potential issues in the future.

Rob Severs, iVendi’s senior vice-president of products and insight, said: ‘It’s really about a shift in culture.

‘Established dealers tend to emphasise the good points of a vehicle while minimising the not-so-good.

‘That mindset probably dates back to when customers would first encounter the car on the forecourt, so would be able to see any issues for themselves.

‘However, in 2022, almost all customers see the car or van for the first time online.

‘This places a massive onus on the accuracy and depth of the online vehicle description in terms of them making a decision about whether to take the purchasing process forward.

‘It’s not just a question of providing very high-quality images but pointing out any issues and including as much written information as possible.

‘For the digital disruptors, this is essential. They don’t want a customer to reject a vehicle on delivery because any issues were glossed over online.

‘It’s a question of being as transparent as possible – and all dealers should aim to do the same.’

He said iVendi had been looking into the matter while enhancing its stock engine with a new stock upload tool that will soon be added free to all users of its connected retailing platform, which is a combined digital and showroom retail system for sales and finance.

He said the stock upload function prompted for vehicle faults to be clearly pictured and described, adding: ‘We are seeing a lot of evidence that it is an essential element of building trust.’

It’s currently being tested with some dealers, with a full roll-out expected in June.

‘So far, the response we have been receiving has been extremely positive,’ said Severs.

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