You can’t park there: Hyundai ends up on motorhome roofs after major ‘parking mishap’ at dealership

  • Fire service called to dealership after Hyundai smashes into parked caravans
  • Authorities say ‘parking mishap’ to blame after SUV ends up on the roofs of two motorhomes
  • Nobody injured in collision, fire brigade confirms

Time 8:45 am, July 6, 2022

A Hyundai ended up on top of two motorhomes after a ‘parking mishap’ saw it smash through a hedge at a dealership in Derbyshire.

The driver of the vehicle had been attempting to park in a sloped car park above Glossop Caravans on Saturday (July 2), when he lost control.

The car went straight through a hedge at the bottom of the car park before landing precariously on top of two caravans parked on the forecourt below.

Eyewitnesses were left stunned by the almighty collision, which saw the Hyundai appear above their heads out of thin air.

Firefighters were called to the scene just after 2pm with crews able to safely remove the vehicle from the motorhomes using an aerial ladder platform.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said no-one was injured in the collision and put it down to a ‘parking mishap’.

The incident was seen by customer Debra Hayhurst, who had just bought a caravan when the crash happened.

She said: ‘My husband and I were there when it happened, we had bought a caravan and were just about to leave.

‘The car just came right out of the bushes. We ended up staying another four hrs as it was blocked off!

‘Luckily everyone was okay and Glossop Emergency Services and all the staff at glossop caravans were brilliant.’

Pics: Glossop Fire Station
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