Green credentials becoming more important for car buyers, says new survey

Time 10:13 am, March 9, 2015

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PRICE is still the most important factor when people look to buy a new car.

A massive 97 per cent of people look at price first, according to the survey by Black Horse with YouGov – although green credentials are becoming increasingly more important when people make their final choice.

Three quarters (75 per cent) of consumers cite fuel-efficiency and low CO2 emissions as paramount in decision making. Entertainment systems come in as the third most important consideration with six out of ten (60 per cent) consumers considering them important when choosing their next car. However, just over one-third of consumers believe modern tech features such as tyre-pressure indicators (34 per cent) and in-built satellite-navigation systems (38 per cent) as important.

Chris Sutton, the managing director of Black Horse, said: ‘While it is clear price remains the key consideration when buying a car, fuel efficiency is becoming increasingly important to consumers. This research demonstrates more and more people are buying cars that are not only environmentally friendly, but can save them money in the long term.’

Further analysis reveals that despite green credentials being an important consideration for both genders, eight out of ten (80 per cent) women questioned consider environmentally-friendly credentials to be important compared with just over seven out of ten (72 per cent) men.

Regionally, buyers in London are the least concerned with the ‘green’ credentials of cars (69 per cent) compared with over three quarters (77 per cent) in the north and east of England. However, Londoners display a need for speed as research reveals they are most concerned with the top-speed capabilities of potential cars (57 per cent) compared with half of those surveyed nationwide (50 per cent).

Just like the stereotype, men are enticed by flashy gadgets, while younger women are attracted by colour.

Men are more interested in technology features, and are particularly attracted to modern gadgets such as car entertainment systems and in-car connectivity. For example, in-car connectivity is considered important for just over two in five women (43 per cent), in comparison with over half of men (51 per cent).

Likewise, while just over half (55 per cent) of women who have bought a car in the past year cite the importance of car entertainment systems, just under two thirds of men (63 per cent) see this as one of the important considerations.

Women aged between 25-34 are the most concerned with the colour of a car with six out of ten (60 per cent) stating its importance, compared with just over two in five males of the same age range (44 per cent).

For those who have bought a car in the past 12 months, fewer than one in ten have been surprised by the running costs (8 per cent). Conversely, one quarter (25 per cent) responded by stating their car running costs are cheaper that they had predicted.

Sutton added: ‘These findings illustrate consumers are taking time to research their prospective cars before purchasing so there are no hidden surprises.

‘Buying a car is a huge lifestyle choice and finding out that less than one in ten consumers are surprised by the running costs is testament to the consideration and research people are investing in as to whether they can afford to purchase and maintain a car.’

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