Five or six dealers will rise to become ‘supergroups’ predicts Marshall Motor Group boss Daksh Gupta

Time 1 year ago

Marshall Motor Group CEO Daksh Gupta believes five or six car dealers will soon break away from the pack and become ‘supergroups’ generating revenues of more than £5bn.

Speaking exclusively to Car Dealer for a feature in our new and redesigned digital issue, Gupta says he believes that within three to five years several groups will grow far bigger.

He said: ‘I think in the next three to five years you might see a number of groups breaking away into that £5bn plus category.


‘Whereas before I thought this might happen over eight to 10 years I now think the emergence of five or six supergroups will happen a lot faster.’

You can read what he had to say in full in our new-look digital Car Dealer Magazine, which is out today.

In the exclusive interview, Gupta also spoke about:

  • How he’s helped steer his group to growth
  • How he plans to be one of the super groups when the time is right
  • How his businesses are performing now
  • What sort of stimulus he’d like to see for the car industry
  • And how he’s doing everything possible to protect jobs

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