Motorpoint long-service employees (at the Derby storeMotorpoint long-service employees (at the Derby store


Motorpoint celebrates longest-serving staff members after they rack up 743 years between them

  • Motorpoint holds celebrations for longest-serving staff to mark work anniversaries
  • Forty employees, with a total of 743 years of service, invited to events at stores
  • They say the company has become like a family to them

Time 8:12 am, July 10, 2022

Motorpoint has been marking the long-service milestones of 40 of its most loyal employees.

The retailer invited the staff to celebrate various work anniversaries, with their service totalling 743 years.

The team members have each clocked up between 15 and 24 years as of 2022.

To mark their career milestones, the colleagues came together for celebratory photographs at various Motorpoint stores including Derby, Burnley, Glasgow and Newport.

During the event, staff shared some of their favourite stories about their best Motorpoint moments in their careers so far.

Ryan Cheyne, Motorpoint’s interim chief people officer, said: ‘It’s fantastic to be able to share this good news story about our long-service employees – it’s an amazing total to have reached.

‘We were recently named the Number 1 Automotive Company To Work For by Best Companies and we recognise that our employees are the backbone of our business, helping us to build the Motorpoint name to become the largest independent retailer of cars and vans in the UK.

‘Some of our staff were with us at the start when our first Motorpoint store in Derby opened in 1998.

‘We are proud of them and recognise that their loyalty and commitment is crucial to our long-term success as we move into our 25th anniversary year in 2023.’

On Friday (Jul 8), one group of financial experts described Motorpoint as a ‘good company, relatively overvalued’.

However, to some of its longest-serving staff, the firm has become more like a family.

Edem Ankutse, customer experience marketing manager, has been with Motorpoint for 20 years.

She said: ‘I have worked across a range of roles at Motorpoint and my favourite thing is the family atmosphere I have felt in every department and store I have worked at.

‘I have made some friends for life working at Motorpoint.

‘There have been lots of highlights over the past 20 years, but I think getting my first managerial role in Birmingham then winning an award for that role in 2016 was a wonderful moment for me.’

John Hood, now Motorpoint’s general manager of trade acquisition, joined the company in 1998 as the manager of Motorpoint Derby.

He said: ‘Since the early days, Motorpoint has been forward thinking in its HR approach, ensuring that young people coming into the business are able to develop their skills and careers – we have a strong culture of support here at Motorpoint.’

Pictured at the Derby Motorpoint store are 11 of the 40 long-serving employees – from left: Stephen Taylor, Eddie Shaw, Edem Ankutse, Les Parker, Carl Hurt, Jonathan Shelton, Paul O’Brien, Anthony Wilson, John Hood, Carl Stuart and Elaine Mannion

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