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Smart Search Print A1 PortraitHAVE you seen Mr Smart Finger, the new star of the TV ads for

It aired from the weekend, as part of the business’ biggest-ever media advertising campaign.

And Mr Finger will soon be joined by Mrs F and Ms F.

The early indications are the humorous characters are leading viewers to the site, as web traffic and leads leapt immediately on Sunday morning when the ad was shown for the first time, and during the day views were close to record levels. Yesterday was the strongest-ever Monday in terms of leads generated for their dealers.

The ad will be shown on all the major networks, including a spot in the Coronation Street commercial break, one of the most expensive slots in the UK.

The first in the series of fun storylines introduces Mr Smart Finger as he taps his way to his perfect car using the ‘Smart Search’ tool. Smart Finger lands on a car that a dealer typically finds difficult to move, but which also includes a strong ‘reduced price’ call to action, resulting, says, in a win-win outcome for both car buyer and dealer alike.

Andy Coulthurst Managing Director (1)Managing director of Andy Coulthurst (left) says: ‘We entered 2015 with incredible momentum. Our Carfuffle TV campaign developed solid foundations and delivered a record year, engaging consumers with a new way to search for cars. We are now building on these strong foundations. Through our new creative, we take the audience deeper into our products and explain the fuller benefits of searching on in a fun and engaging way.

‘We know from our Carfuffle campaign which creative approaches drive the best traffic and highest quality leads. These are typically where the product takes centre stage. We have been able to optimise the new Smart Finger creative to take full advantage of this dynamic. The investment in creating ‘Smart Finger’ is sure to pay dividends for our dealers.

‘January and February have already surpassed all expectations, delivering a record performance for our dealers. We are very excited about driving even higher levels of in-market car buyers to forecourts and showrooms across the rest of the year and we can’t wait to see the needle move in March as we begin a new push forward.’

Dermot Kelleher Director Marketing and Business Intelligence (2)The director of marketing and business intelligence at, Dermot Kelleher (left), adds: ‘We continue to invest in our marketing spend at record levels and our significant commitment to Smart Finger moves us forward in our pledge to help our dealers sell more cars. Alongside the high profile TV slots, Smart Finger will also be supported with extensive digital display, outdoor, PPC and radio advertising.”

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