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New advertising tech means car dealers can target customers when they most need them

  • Chris Ashton-Green appears as guest judge on the Car Dealer Podcast
  • He shares insight into the company’s new partnership with Sky AdSmart
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Time 3:57 pm, November 8, 2023

Long gone are the days when car dealers could rely on an advert in the local paper to sell a vehicle, service or MOT but this week on the Car Dealer Podcast we learned just how far advertising has come.

Chris Ashton-Green, CEO of Regit, appeared as guest judge on the latest show and shared how his company is taken customer targeting to the next level with Sky AdSmart.

The new technology takes Regit’s data and anonymises it before combining it with Sky AdSmart’s household data. This allows car dealers and garages to offer more relevant adverts depending on where they are in the car ownership lifecycle.

He said: ‘If Mercedes Benz or any of the car brands want to serve you a TV ad in relation to your home demographic, and the vehicle that you now own, where you are in that car ownership lifecycle, looking at intent signals, in terms of you looking to buy, looking to sell or looking to maintain are all data points within the Regit digital garage.

‘We obviously have service expiry, mot expiry, tax expiring, mileage, how long they’ve owned it, and we can send intent, insight and information through to Sky about users that we’ve now attached to the home who are reading the electric vehicle content or hybrid content.

‘This means you can be served a tailored ad from Mercedes Benz in relation to the vehicle you own and where you are in that car owning lifecycle.

‘Just like Sky have always been doing within the home but now we’ve attached a vehicle asset, which means that can now serve automotive related ads to where you are in that car ownership.

‘It’s super, super clever, and has allowed sky and their AdSmart product to really evolve.’

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