Will Ferrell stars in No Way Norway Superbowl advert and he’s incredibly angry about EVs

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Comedy legend Will Ferrell has starred in a Superbowl advert for General Motors – and he appears to be incredibly angry about Norway.

In the ad, which you can watch above, Ferrell is disgusted to learn that Norway sells ‘way more’ electric cars per capita than the US – something he simply ‘won’t stand for’.

Ferrell says, thanks to GM’s new batteries, the US is ‘going to crush those losers’ and sets about rounding up his friends to help him, telling them to meet him in Norway ‘in an hour’.

Arriving in ‘fish-loving’ Norway, angry Ferrell – who previously punched a globe – discovers the place is actually ‘adorable’.

However, the Elf star soon realises he’s actually landed in Sweden.

Will Ferrell punches a globe

The campaign was aimed to push GM’s EV drive which will see it spend 27 billion dollars on electric and autonomous vehicles between now and 2025.

The firm is planning to release 30 new EVs globally by 2025 and will be electrifying its popular pick up range in the States too.


Doug Parks, GM executive vice president of global product development, told CNBC: ‘We want to lead in this space.

‘We don’t just want to participate, we want to lead.

‘Tesla’s got a good jump and they’ve done great things. They’re formidable competitors and there’s a lot of start-ups and everyone else invading this space. We’re not going to subside leadership there.’

The Ferrell advert – called No Way Norway – has even led to a riposte from the Norway tourist board, Visit Norway.

The advert features children giving Ferrell and other Americans some guidance on exactly where Norway is – ‘just a bit further than the island of Great Britain’ if you were wondering.


Car manufacturers spend millions on their Superbowl adverts.

Jeep hired ‘The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen to star, but it wasn’t funny like GM’s so we ignored it.

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