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‘What’s your nest price?’ Dealer sells car thanks to blackbirds who made its wheel their new home

  • A car dealer found a blackbird nest and eggs balanced on a Mitsubishi Shogun’s tyre
  • Dealership Car Quay discovered they wouldn’t be able to move the car for a couple of weeks while they wait for the eggs to hatch
  • One customer decided to buy the car and wait after they heard the blackbird’s story

Time 1:29 pm, May 26, 2022

One car dealer found a very unique optional extra on a Mitsubishi Shogun last Saturday, which turned out to be a tweet deal for the new owners.

Derby-based Car Quay discovered a blackbird’s nest balancing on the wheel of the 2010 Shogun. Inside was the blackbird and its freshly laid eggs — and it didn’t look like the car would be moving anytime soon.

Owner Jamie Caple told Car Dealer: ‘We saw this nest had appeared under a wheel arch at work.

‘We weren’t sure what to do so rang the bird police and they recommended not to move it until the birds were born, which will be a couple of weeks.’

CarQuay bird wheel

The team at Car Quay didn’t think they’d be selling the car for a while, and when a customer called they explained that the Shogun couldn’t be driven away yet because it was home to some blackbirds.

However, by the dealership choosing the birds over the sale the customer decided they wanted to shell out on the car.

Caple said: ‘A customer rang on it yesterday wanting to buy it and drive away.

‘We told them the story about the birds and how they can’t drive it away for at least two weeks.

‘They decided to buy it over the phone and wait as long as is required, and us not wanting to cause the birds any distress convinced them that we were the right dealership to buy from.’

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