Will these American ideals make it to the UK too?

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img_motors_logoINTERESTING research has emerged from America from’s people over the Pond.

Bearing in mind that trends in America quite often make their way over here, it’s always good to see what’s in the news.

And the research from suggests US motorists are generally dissatisfied with the car-buying process and dealers need to do more to meet their expectations.

This echoes recent research from’s sister site in the UK,, which suggests that while dealerships are on the right road, they need to respond more quickly to queries and make sure they don’t lose sight of fundamental customer needs.

Both companies are part of global automotive services giant Cox Automotive, whose president Sandy Schwartz revealed the verdict of US vehicle market research.

The survey showed only a handful (17) of a poll of 4,002 US consumers like the current car-buying process, and  revealed some significant changes that US motorists would like to see to the dealership buying process including test drives from product specialists, not salespeople, as well as the ability to test drive multiple vehicles of different brands, all from the same location.

Additionally, consumers wanted the ability to start the negotiation process online (56 per cent) and complete credit applications and paperwork online for faster service on the day of the sale.

Andy Coulthurst

Andy Coulthurst

Shwartz added the dealers and car makers who created better shopping experiences would reap the benefits, with 72 per cent of survey participants claiming they would visit a dealership more often if the buying process were improved and 66 per cent claim they would be more likely buy from such a dealership that more closely delivered their ideal service. 

Andy Coulthurst, managing director of, said: ‘In both the UK and US, customer expectation is very high. The findings from our sister company tie in with our own research which shows consumers are looking for a complete package and positive experience when purchasing a car. 

‘A combination of smart online processes and strong retail culture will ensure dealers stay on top of their game.’

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