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Mike Brewer talks Tesla, selling classic cars and what he is seeing in the used car market

  • Mike Brewer appears on the latest Car Dealer Podcast to talk about the news of the week
  • He shares his views on Tesla’s latest valuation and what the company has achieved so far
  • Ahead of his upcoming appearance at the Classic Car Show he talks about the five classic cars he’ll be putting through the auction from his own collection

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Mike Brewer typically focusses on the world of classic cars but on this week’s Car Dealer Podcast he shared his views on Tesla and what he makes of its latest valuation.

The Wheeler Dealers host joined James Baggott and Rebecca Chaplin for the round up of the week and commented on how a medium sized company like Tesla could be worth more Toyota.

He said: ‘Tesla is a small to medium sized company but their stock value is worth more than Toyota. It’s ridiculous.

‘That’s just because of these fantastical stories. Cybertruck, what happened to that? The Semi – whatever happened to that? Have you ever seen one?

‘The share prices went through the roof again when he announced it but they don’t come back down.’

The news came out during the week that the Hertz deal wasn’t a signed agreement when Musk tweeted about this, and its value dropped again below £1tn.

‘This story has raised the share price and guess what, it’s not coming back down again. It sort of stays up where it is,’ said Brewer.

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This weekend, Brewer will be selling five of his personal car collection at the Classic Car Show and talked to the Car Dealer team about what he predicts they’ll sell for at the auction.

He explained he was selling them because he doesn’t get to use them anymore and that he needed to practice what he preaches.

‘I just don’t get to use them, I have too many cars. I shout and preach to people that if you’ve got a classic car, use it,’ he said. ‘They don’t like to be sat around doing nothing.’

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