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Big Mike: New road-tax rules are a boon if you want to get rid of those SUVs…

ONCE again, it’s that time of year where Britain goes into crisis mode, as we all start to dither, wither and panic about the onset of what’s affectionately known as ‘weather’ – or in the case of the Daily Express, ‘today’s headline’. For car dealers, it’s often a good thing. Not only can those of us with available space stock up […]

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Big Mike: Look out for those who may be preyed upon this Christmas

IT’S a cautionary tale from me this month, I’m afraid. And a timely one, too, because hardened traders such as I know the festive season should really be rechristened the ‘silly season’ for ridiculous buyers coming out of the woodwork. Honestly, though, I thought I’d seen it all… but I hadn’t. Regular readers of this […]

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Citroen to open network of showrooms in the UK selling only DS models

A NEW network of Citroen dealerships selling only DS models will be rolled out in the UK. Speaking exclusively to Car Dealer, Citroen’s Eric Apode, who is vice-president of products and business development, said the first showroom should open in the UK before next summer. The plan is to open DS showrooms in major cities, […]

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Big Mike: Was old Jack hearing things? A drive round the block revealed all

WHEN you’ve worked in the motor trade for as long as I have, you’ll have met quite a few characters along the way. Some good, some bad, some plain hilarious… I was reminded of this the other day when I had a bitter-sweet phone call from a family I’ve dealt with for many years. The elder statesman […]

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Big Mike: Ian the gardener, and why you mustn’t judge a book by its cover

THEY say you should never judge a book by its cover – unless, of course, it’s a cookery book, or maybe one of those reserved for gentlemen and kept on the top shelf… Yet it’s something we’ve all been guilty of. And here’s why. A few years ago, when my gammy leg started to get […]

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Big Mike: I’m going reliably retro after rust rears its head on modern models

THIS month, I’ve been suffering quite a bit with the brown stuff. Don’t worry, I’m not rushing off to the chemist every five minutes to buy myself some Imodium, only to then come back and tell you all about it, as that would be a little vile. But what I am perturbed by is something I thought […]

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Big Mike: Dodgy Tony upsets my plan to make a fortune on ‘barn-find’ Golf

I HAVE a friend called Dodgy Tony. It’s unfair really, as he isn’t in the slightest bit dodgy. He just has that look about him…
 The reason I mention this is because Tony is a mechanic and one of those blokes who is extremely useful to know. Whatever fault you find on a car, no […]

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Big Mike: Only first-time parents could ever think a cloth interior a good option

MY NEXT door neighbours have just become parents. A fact that, no doubt, you’ll find a little tedious as you probably don’t know them, and even if you did, probably wouldn’t be especially excited about, other than to wish them well and keep out of their way for a while until such a time as […]

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Big Mike: Since when was a Rover worth more than a Merc?

IT’S a tale of two cars this month, and real proof of how the mighty have fallen. Both of the two cars in question arrived on my lot as part-exes last month and both were a little different from my normal trade-in stock but were nevertheless pretty easy to sell and worth taking on the […]

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