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Car Dealer Podcast: Robin Luscombe on the battle for used cars, high inquiry rates and how he believes prices will go up again in January

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Time 2 months ago

The demand for used cars isn’t going away anytime soon was the message on the Car Dealer Podcast this week, with Robin Luscombe saying there’s no need to worry about falling prices.

His days are occupied with inquiries from customers who are looking for a used car today.

He said: ‘We’re getting a lot of inquiries but everyone wants the car today or tomorrow. 

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‘I think there are a lot of people searching around everywhere and inquiring to lots of dealers.

‘They all need a response but inevitably a lot of them aren’t going anywhere because they’re just fishing to see if they can find a car. So it takes up a lot of time.’

Each week on the podcast, James and Rebecca pick the biggest stories of the week, and it was inevitable that Ford’s price hikes for 2022 would get a mention.

This ongoing shortage of new cars is why Luscombe isn’t worried.

I’m not panicking,’ he said. ‘In January, used cars always become good news. 

‘They always slow up in November and December, and then we’re always very busy in January. 

‘From the day after Boxing Day it’s always busy with used cars. 

‘There’s no point distressing now because, I feel, in January the prices will go back up again.’

‘From what I’m seeing, the new car problem is going to get worse before it gets better, so used cars are going to be all right once everyone forgets about Christmas.’

Also on the show, they talk about Luscombe Motors’ record sales weeks, how selling an electric vehicle is different and more.

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