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Car dealers should consider processes as they look at the year ahead and potential challenges – Car Dealer Podcast

  • DSG Finance Group director Mark Gow joins the Car Dealer Podcast this week
  • He talks with James and Rebecca about online car sales, great automotive leaders and Auto Trader profits
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Time 7:54 am, May 29, 2022

Rising prices and problems with new car supply will be an ongoing theme this year, and businesses need to be mindful of their own processes as they look ahead.

This week on the Car Dealer Podcast, group sales director for DSG Finance Group Mark Gow praised car dealers for their achievements during the lockdowns but warned that now is the time to consider processes and costs.

Gow said: ‘When the job is going well people don’t look at the process, saving, or look at the jobs they’ve got from suppliers because the job is going great.

‘It’s only when the job is getting tougher that we start to work on these processes. I think that’s something we need to be really mindful of.

‘At the moment it is softening a little bit but I think all eyes are going to be on Q4 when the Ofgen gets raised again. It’s very easy for dealers and ourselves to look at the results we achieved over the last 12 months, and take it for granted.’

In a wide-ranging podcast, Gow spoke with Car Dealer team James Baggott and Rebecca Chaplin about online car sales, the future classics to watch, agency sales and more.

Commenting on current pressures on customers, he said: ‘It’s interesting where we are at the moment because it’s all cost of living, and it depends what camp you’re in – you can look at that a number of ways.

‘Fuel prices have gone up 30 per cent, energy has gone up, food prices, so does that have an effect on consumer confidence? Of course the car is the second most expensive purchase that someone is going to make.

‘So you could fall into the camp that it’s going to be harder this year. Alternatively, you could look at it and think, are people going to look to downsize?’

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